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Helvetas Swiss International Cooperation

October 1st , 2012-December 31st, 2013


3R approach Piloting in Gorkha District

Nepal Water for Health (NEWAH)

February 2013-September 2015


3R approach in Salyan District

Biogas Sector Partnership  (BSP-Nepal)

December 13, 2012 – June 2014


RWH with 3R technology  in Surkhet


April-December 2013

 ***Concept of 3R

In many areas in the world, people experience periods of water scarcity even though there is enough rainfall and run-off on an annual basis. At moments when water is plentiful, often a large portion of it disappears unused through floods, surface run-off and evaporation.

The essence of water buffering is to better manage natural recharge and to retain water for longer periods of time so that it can be used in periods of water scarcity. In this manner, unused runoff and evapo-transpiration can be reduced. The larger idea is that tackling a local water crisis is not so much about reallocating scarce water, but to store water when it is plentiful and to make it available for the dry periods – and also to extend the chain of uses. Storage is, thus, the central concept. 3R, or the concept of Recharge, Retention and Reuse, presents an alternative approach – using many smaller systems and storing water in the landscape:

The concept of 3R is about putting IWRM in actual practice. The management of a river basin or catchment area can be a huge challenge and the 3R approach provides tools on a local scale whereby the interventions are often relatively simple and can be implemented following a participatory approach. Small interventions, if well designed and complementary to each other, can enhance the water buffer with a lot of a certain area.

Well-designed entails implementing 3R within an integrated approach and therefore 3R fits very well in the concept of Integrated Water Resource Management. Indeed, 3R is a practical version of IWRM at local level, and at a scale that is more easily addressed.

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