Completed Projects MFS Cycle (2009-2010)

MFS Cycle (2009-2010)

MFS Cycle (2009-2010)

Rainwater harvesting technology as it provides decentralized and nearby source of water, RHCC under this programme focused on providing access to safe and sufficient water for drinking and other domestic activities.

Along with its partners:  BSP-Nepal, Helvetas and NEWAH, RWH systems of 6.5 mand 10 mare constructed at household level in order to improve livelihood and to ensure year round access to water. Institutional and community RWH systems have also been constructed, the capacity depending upon beneficiaries of the system. The implemeted project has benefitted 11509 Nepalese people. 

Under this cycle RHCC conducted awareness programmes, capacity building activities at various levels, monitoring of project sites and water quality testing of the harvested rainwater. 

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