Completed Projects HIER 2 (2008-2010)

HIER 2 (2008-2010)

Rainwater Harvesting in Nepal: an adaptation to climate change, the project is a collaboration between Dutch and Nepalese partners in order to promote and expand rainwater harvesting (RWH) in Nepal. The project promoted the adoption of rainwater harvesting in Nepal by public and private parties. RHCC specifically supported HIER 2 project partners- PLAN Nepal and Nepal Water for Health (NEWAH) in their RWH implementation efforts, while at the same time raising the general interest of public and private sectors in Nepal for RWH as a means to improve the livelihoods of rural people and to adapt to climate change. The project period was from March 2008 – July 2010. This was a multi donor project with involvement of organizations namely- SIMAVI, Plan Netherlands and RAIN Foundation. 

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